What’s our spirit?

Katoen Natie is a warm, successful family company based upon strong and modern entrepreneurial values, expressed in the daily work of our employees. This culture is based upon creating ownership and dedication to service our clients. We invest in talent of each of our employees and allow our people to grow and become successful. The way we live our values, is key in our success story. With the ‘What’s our Spirit’-campaign we bring a series of testimonials, each of them highlighting a different value from our company bible. Each testimonial comes with a different key image that visualizes the specific value. Find out if you have the spirit!

Value 5: Safety net

Julien - Maintenance Manager

At Katoen Natie, we have the spirit to trust our employees when facing challenges. Even when the outcome of their initiatives is different than expected, we support them. It motivates them to take even more initiative and to keep moving. Just like a safety net in acrobatics!

Value 4: Double baggers

Boonjan – Forklift driver

At Katoen Natie, we have the spirit to cherish our employees who go the extra mile for our clients. We compare them with double baggers at the checkout in the supermarket. They are the employees who perfectly understand what our customers need and who can deliver it. Just like a gift with a big bow on top!

Value 3: Hidden potential

Victor - Business Support Operations

At Katoen Natie, we have the spirit to notice hidden talents and encourage our people to develop them. We give our people the opportunity to improve and motivate them to go beyond their expectations. Just like unlocking a rubik's cube!

Value 2: Reserve troops

Marijke – Management Trainee

At Katoen Natie, we have the 'spirit' of trust, plainly in our trainees. They are trained to fall in and act when and where needed, not only to score, but also to help others and solve problems. Just like soccer players on the bench!

Value 1: Wolf blood

Cheryl - Operational Manager

At Katoen Natie, we have the spirit to get ahead, to persevere and above all to do this together. We always strive for the same goal, with the urge to make things happen and achieve results. Just like a pack of wolves!