Why work at Katoen Natie?

Today, Katoen Natie is one of the largest full-service suppliers of logistics and technical solutions. Every day, more than 15,000 employees in 35 countries contribute to the high quality service. Also in Belgium, port and warehouse activities operate around the clock at sites in Ghent and Kallo. There is a wide range of job opportunities: from order pickers to management trainees. There is definitely a job that's right for you. At Katoen Natie, you can count on abundant opportunities and possibilities to advance your career. You will join a stimulating working environment, where you will always learn more and where we strive for growth together. Will you jump on board and help us grow?


What makes us unique

Seizing the opportunities

In a major group like Katoen Natie, you can find countless opportunities. It's up to you to grasp them! If you are smart, you can rise up the ladder quickly here.

Always learning more

Katoen Natie invests in your development. Not only with training courses, but above all with a stimulating working environment where you learn new things all the time.

A strong culture

Our corporate culture is no-nonsense and solutions-oriented. Colleagues who know how to take the bull by the horns are given a lot of leeway.

Major group

Katoen Natie is active in 35 countries with more than 15,000 employees. And yet the decision-making centre is close to home. You, therefore, have a lot of opportunities!

Unrivalled versatility

Katoen Natie offers a wide range of logistics services around the world. This is also reflected by the wide versatility of jobs.

Truly innovative

Our logistics platforms run on innovative processes and technology. Moreover, not only do we invest in efficiency, but also sustainability.