Student job logistics

Student worker
Secondary education
No experience required

Are you looking for a flexible student job? Katoen Natie Ghent is looking for students who can work as a logistics employee / order picker. 

You will work as an order picker in one of our logistics warehouses in the harbour of Ghent. You will support a team of warehouse workers. As a student you have various tasks: 

  • Order picking with a scanner: You collect the goods from the order picking list
  • Packing: You pack goods and prepare them for shipping
  • Loading, unloading & receiving: You help (un)loading the trucks
  • Labelling: You label incoming goods

There are possibilities in the day shift or in two shifts. 


  • You are enrolled as a full-time student and still have enough working hours left (did you know that students are allowed to work 600 hours per year?)
  • You can work in the early shift from 6h - 14h or the late shift from 14h - 22h). If you work in shifts, it is important that you are 18 years or older. There are also possibilities in the day shift (8h - 16h or 10h - 18h)
  • You are at least 2 days a week available
  • To be able to communicate with your team members, you speak and understand English (and/or Dutch, but knowledge of Dutch is not necessary)
  • But moreover, you are enthusiastic and ready to start! 😄


  • A flexible student job, you can combine the shifts with your studies - you can choose your own working hours, you just let us know your availability and we will schedule you
  • A great student job in logistics. If you'd like to develop your career in logistics after your studies, there are traineeships possible
  • You will receive the necessary support and guidance
  • After a positive evaluation, you can be re-scheduled for new assignments
  • And most importantly, you can count on a nice student income


Are you interested in this flexible student job as an order picker? Let us know when you are available and we will quickly respond.