I am Lokman, 23 years old and work as an orderpicker at Katoen Natie. As an order picker, I process incoming and outgoing orders from the warehouse. My work is super varied such as loading, packing and receiving the orders.

On top of that, we work in a modern environment with advanced systems. Really top-notch. 

I really feel appreciated here at Katoen Natie and I am part of a great team that works well together. A lot of attention is paid to the working atmosphere and safety, as well as to the work equipment. But also on opportunities to further develop yourself. 

There are plenty of opportunities to upskill yourself with extra machine training and licences. In the beginning, you will be assigned a mentor and he or she will support you to perform the tasks properly. As time goes by, you are then given more ownership and responsibility to work independently and also have your own input. The nice thing is that our ideas are also taken seriously. We really get to think along and contribute to big projects or improvements to the overall operation. 

As an order picker at Katoen Natie, I can say that I am really proud to work here. 

Our people make the difference

We work in a modern environment with advanced systems. Really top-notch.

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